Report: Pat Riley Didn’t Even Try to Call Dwyane Wade

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

The story about Dwyane Wade deciding to sign with the Chicago Bulls keeps getting weirder.

While there was some effort from the Miami Heat to re-sign their once franchise player (two years, $40 million was reportedly the offer), it does seem like team president and GM Pat Riley didn’t make much of an effort to bring him back, according to a report from Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald.

Wade, who turns 35 in January, felt neglected by the Heat and insulted he wasn’t a bigger priority. A source told The Herald team president Pat Riley never called Wade during the entire negotiation process, a sign of how bitter things got between the organization and its superstar.

Of course, Wade spent a week vacationing with LeBron James, who obviously had a bit of a falling out with Riley when he left the Heat. And after being underpaid for 13 seasons, Wade simply had enough, especially after Hassan Whiteside earned a massive deal. It probably didn’t help LeBron was likely speaking in his ear all week.

Riley was clearly bitter and because of it, he f*cked up. He learned a valuable lesson about loyalty in the NBA. A GM shouldn’t expect a player to stay if he’s being paid significantly less than he’s worth.