Richard Sherman Trashes The Bills For Benching Tyrod Taylor


(Photo: Getty Images)

While everyone and their football-loving grandmas enjoyed mocking the Buffalo Bills for being the last to know benching Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman was a bad idea, an NFL player with a lot of time on his hands joined the chorus: Richard Sherman.

The injured Seattle Seahawks cornerback jumped on Twitter to trash the Bills organization as Peterman racked up interceptions in the first half (he finished with five before mercifully taking his clipboard back).

The team was 5-4 before benching Tyrod Taylor. A win would have put them in playoff position, and now they’re on the outside looking in with six games left and a quarterback who has to feel like he doesn’t have the coaching staff’s support.

Back in October, the the QB said he feels he’s held to a higher standard because he’s African-American.

“It’s always going to be twice as bad just because of who I am—an African-American quarterback,” Taylor said. “Look across the league, man. We’re held to a certain standard. We almost have to be perfect.

“I wouldn’t say it’s just an African-American quarterback thing. It’s an African-American athlete thing—or just an African-American thing. And that’s not anything I just found out. It’s been that way since I was a kid.”