Richard Sherman Negotiated His Own New Contract With The 49ers

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Not long after the San Francisco 49ers struck out on a different oversize All-Pro cornerback, they landed another in free agency. And they’re more than a little familiar with him, having lined up opposite him 14 times in the past seven years: Richard Sherman.

The highly incentivized deal is worth up to $39.15 million over three years.

Whatever he ends up making, it’ll be more to him than it is to most players, because he won’t have to give a piece of the pie to an agent; Sherman is his own agent, and spent five hours with San Francisco banging out the many details in his new deal.

Earlier this month, Sherman, coming off an injury-shortened season, told Business Insider why he’d entered free agency without an agent. “I didn’t feel like I needed one. I can have conversations with general managers and understand my value in comparison to other players in the league.”

The biggest bet in Sherman’s new deal: It’s heavily backloaded, with base salaries of $16 million in each of the last two seasons, and he has a chance to make them fully guaranteed in the upcoming campaign by making an All-Pro team. If Sherman, who’ll turn 30 on March 30, isn’t an All-Pro in 2018, San Francisco could release him before 2019 rather than pay such a premium for an aging corner.

So we’ll know in nine months, when the next All-Pro teams are announced, how Sherman acquitted himself as his own agent.