Richard Sherman Gets Wrecked While Defending Cheap Shot, Is Forced to Delete Tweet


(Photo: Getty Images)

As grating as his personality can be, we find ourselves agreeing with Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman a lot. 

Not today.

During his squad's Sunday loss to the Green Bay Packers, several viewers took exception to a hit Sherman laid on Green Bay wideout Davante Adams.

Among his critics: former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley, who called the play a "cheap shot" on Twitter.

Sherman defended his actions in a since-deleted tweet, arguing that because quarterback Aaron Rodgers left the pocket, wide receivers were fair game: "scramble drill… you know the rules…. dont like it? Leave the pocket." 

Why did he delete the tweet so quickly? Because he was almost immediately shut down by Packers reporter Aaron Nagler, who responded with a picture of the play—which features Rodgers smack in the middle of the pocket.

To hammer his point home, Nagler then posted a video of the play, showing Rodgers remaining in the pocket until the ball is dead.

Shockingly, Sherman has since altogether ignored the matter in addition to deleting his proven-wrong tweet.