Don’t Forget Rick Pitino Has A Big Tattoo Commemorating The Title The NCAA Just Erased

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter)

With a ruling on Tuesday, the NCAA wiped out four seasons, 123 wins, two Final Four appearances, and the 2013 national championship from Louisville basketball history.

But although all that’s been struck from the record books thanks to the school’s enticing high school recruits with call girls, one graphic reminder will remain unless former Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino takes drastic measures: that massive back tattoo he got to commemorate their 2013 championship.

You know, the one he got while looking like fugue-state Al Pacino.

Whether or not you remember this moment from almost five years ago, the internet sure as hell did. Though it couldn’t be bothered to come up with more than one joke about it.

In fact, stupendous Twitter account Freezing Cold Takes went ahead and compiled all the jokes that wore out not long after the news broke.

Soon after their play-for-play scheme came undone, the program apparently graduated to the more traditional—but just as illegal—pay-for-play route, and this time the FBI, not the NCAA, is doing the investigating.