Rob Gronkowski Injures His Groin After Catching 69th Career Touchdown Pass

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

NFL fans were robbed of what was sure to be a memorable postgame reaction from Rob Gronkowski on Sunday.

The already historically great tight end hauled in his 69th career touchdown pass—which, for unfortunately obvious reasons, is a bigger milestone to him than it is to pretty much everyone else.

Thanks to a two-yard rushing touchdown back in 2011, it was the 70th overall touchdown of Gronkowski’s career.

Later in the second half of his squad’s 36-20 beatdown of the New Orleans Saints, though, Gronk exited the game due to injury.

After the contest, he told reporters he was a “no-go” for an interview, then added “but I’m good,” so fantasy owners need not worry any more than they should be prepared to worry about the talented but fragile pass catcher.

Gronk’s obsession with the number 69 is well-documented: in high school he famously missed a free throw so his team would have 69 points; before his 69th overall touchdown, he told reporters the good news before adding, “if you know what I mean”; and this offseason, he said that if he could, he’d pay teammate Shaq Mason $69,000 to be able to wear Mason’s No. 69 on his jersey.