Guess How Much Money Rob Gronkowski Would Pay To Change His Number To 69

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

On the football field, Rob Gronkowski, all 6’6″ and 265 pounds of him, is a man among boys. But upstairs in that meaty noggin of his is still at least some semblance of a middle school boy, particularly when it comes to his obsession with the number 69.

He loves the number, which is often associated with a sexual act (again, by middle school boys), so much, that when the folks at the Simms and Lefkoe Podcast asked Gronk how much he’d pay to wear 69, his answer was not only astronomically high, it incorporated the number.

“$69,000,” he said.

NFL players are allowed to change numbers during the offseason. Often it involves giving something to a player that already has that number—usually money. In this case, offensive lineman Shaq Mason already wears No. 69 for the New England Patriots.

Unfortunately for Gronk—and for Mason, who probably wouldn’t mind the extra cash—tight ends are generally prohibited from wearing numbers not between 80 and 89 or 40 and 49.

Back in his high school basketball days, Gronk famously missed a free throw on purpose so his team would have 69 points. 

A few years ago, his eyes lit up each time a reporter said “69” to him.

Then, in advance of his 69th career touchdown, he let everyone know how excited he was to reach the milestone, which he accomplished in Week 6 last season.

Rob Gronkowski also wore a custom-made No. 69 jersey during the Patriots’ most recent Super Bowl parade.

Though he has 69 career touchdowns, one was of the rushing variety, meaning his next receiving touchdown with be his 69th. Get excited, Patriots fans.