Rob Gronkowski Catches, Drinks, and Spikes Beers During Patriots’ Super Bowl Parade

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

An injured Rob Gronkowski wasn't able to participate in his New England Patriots' run to becoming Super Bowl champions, but the tight end was the MVP of the team's celebratory parade in Boston.

The three-time All-Pro kicked the festivities off by asking the city "Who's getting wild tonight?"

Then he answered his own question not with his words, but with his actions: Gronk. Gronk was getting wild that night.

On a float, Gronkowski caught a beer thrown by one of the spectators, opened it with his mouth, poured some into his mouth and onto his face, then spiked it.

As Gronk slipped into party mode with the subtlety of an elephant with diarrhea, his attire flipped into the same gear—that is, the Patriots' all-time leader in touchdowns peeled his shirt off.

The he graduated to double-fisting the beers tossed his way.

Just a regular Tuesday for Gronk.