Rob Gronkowski Dusts Off Stripper Moves During Cruise Dance Party


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Rob Gronkowski had a most Rob Gronkowski weekend.

The New England Patriots tight end helmed a days-long party on a cruise for 700 guests that sailed from Miami to the Bahamas. About another 1,600 cruise-goers had no idea what they were getting into, thinking they were taking your standard trip on the Norwegian Pearl.

Standard it was not.

“Am I having a good time? Oh my God, yes! Although I kind of don’t remember last night. I might have blacked out,” said a Framingham woman who identified herself as “There’s absolutely no way I’m telling you my name.”

Though his own social media account was quiet during the trip, plenty of attendees posted some Gronk magic from the weekend-long festivities.

Among the highlights is Gronkowski dusting off some of his famous stripper moves


Hey #PatsNation we hope your saturday is as fun as #GRONK's saturday on his cruise! 

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Gronk dancing with Boston rapper Sammy Adams …

The tight end's dad Gordon getting into it …

A couple's engagement …

And whatever this girl was doing.

Surprisingly, those who didn't sign up for Gronk's version of the tour did not go home disappointed, either.

“I’ve been telling my husband, ‘John, take a picture!’ ” said Sue Fritz from Atlanta, who said she had little interest in sports. “Hey, the more drunk people there are to laugh at, the better for me.”