Rob Gronkowski Called 911 To Tell Them He’d Been Robbed In The Most Gronk Way

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Rob Gronkowski lost more than just the Super Bowl this past weekend—he lost whatever it is a thief or thieves stole from his house while he was in Minnesota fall to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Upon learning of the thievery, Gronk got on the horn and made a very Gronk call, in which he let dispatchers know who exactly was calling and that his whole house—not just a half or even three-quarters of it—had been struck, and casually mentioned he’d been away for the Super Bowl.

“Hello, this isn’t an emergency,” the New England Patriots tight end said. “This is just, uh, this is Rob Gronkowski calling and while I was gone, my whole house got robbed, uh, while on the Super Bowl trip. And I just got back.”

According to a police dispatch, the theft might have involved “multiple safes and possible guns,” but Foxborough police wouldn’t reveal more so as not to interfere in their search for the suspect or suspects.

“We’ve got an idea of what was stolen at this point,” said Chief William D. Baker. “The burglars know what they took and we know what they took, and we are going to play that close to the vest while the investigation is going on.” 

It’s probably not even worth asking Gronk what was stolen, because he’ll almost definitely tell you, amid a hearty, wide-eyed chuckle: “$69,000.”