Rob Gronkowski Will Die Laughing When He Sees Gronk The Horse’s Belmont Odds

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images / @RobGronkowski)

Rob Gronkowski already loved the horse named after him.

But betting site Bovada all but assured that the Patriots tight end would be wagering on Gronkowski to win the Belmont stakes.

They set the odds on a Gronkowski (the horse) victory at 69-1.

It’s too specific to be a coincidence that 69 is, as one might expect, the favorite number of Gronkowski (the tight end).

No, seriously.

Well, the odds were set at 69-1. But bettors have since knocked it down to 66-1.

Still, even the odds’ having been at 69-1 is probably more than enough reason for Gronk to lay a $69,000 bet. (As far as I can tell, owners are allowed to wager on their horse.)

Tom Brady’s favorite target has already invested in the animal, a grandson of 2010 Preakness winner Lookin At Lucky, buying a minority stake in him in April.

What’s another couple thousand to a man who’s made over $44 million in his career, and who in 2015 said he hadn’t touched a dime of his NFL earnings?