Robert Sacre Has A Horrifically Embarrassing Showing In The Japanese Dunk Contest

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Remember Robert Sacre, the Gonzaga alum who spent four years wearing his arm out with enthusiastic towel waves from the Los Angeles Lakers bench?

You’d be forgiven if not. But perhaps this video, honestly probably his greatest achievement as an NBA player, will remind you.

Yeah, that guy!

Anyway, turns out, his skills in sitting, then standing, and then sitting again couldn’t keep him in the league as a human victory cigar.

Instead, the game has taken Sacre across the Pacific and to Japan, where he competes for the Sun Rockers Shibuya in the nation’s top basketball league, known as the B.League.

As is often the case with North American stars traveling to lands not known for dominance in hoops, Sacre is an All-Star in Japan. He also landed himself in the league’s dunk contest this past weekend.

It did not go well.

Even more astonishing than the fact that Sacre’s rudimentary two-handed dunk landed him a 45 out of 50 is the fact that it earned him a tie for third place in the dunk contest. Third!

He’d lose again in the actual All-Star game, though he tied for the lead in dunks in that contest, with six to go with 16 points and 13 rebounds.

I’d suggest that in next year’s dunk contest he hold one of his patented towels in one hand while dunking with the other, but I’m starting to doubt whether that’s even possible.