It Took Just 10 Days To Figure Out Why Robert Williams Fell So Far On Draft Night

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s been 11 days since Robert Williams’ surprising fall on draft night.

Now, we know it shouldn’t have been all that surprising.

The big man was a projected lottery pick a year ago. But he opted to return to Texas A&M for his sophomore season to improve his game and get selected earlier in the 2018 draft.

He hardly improved, if at all. This did little to quiet doubts of his motor and work ethic.

Still, it shocked most draft pundits to see an athletic center with the hops and length to protect the rim and the mobility to defend in space fall to the Celtics at No. 27 during the NBA draft.

Almost immediately, he showed what likely had scared a lot of teams off.

He slept through a team conference call on his first morning as an NBA player.

But you know what? That’s excusable. Who wouldn’t be exhausted after watching their dream come true?

Too bad he’s either still exhausted, or the 20-year-old has miles to go before he has this whole adult thing down.

On Friday, he bragged about how hard he works.

“People question my motor a lot but I work hard and know I can work hard,” Williams said at an introductory press conference. “I’m a hard worker. Just being in this organization, knowing the morals of this organization and knowing what it takes to be in this league, definitely has me (motivated). I’m ready to start.”

But on Sunday, 10 days after that missed conference call …

Forget Al Horford’s transforming himself into one of the game’s most versatile big men in his late 20s and early 30s; nursing Bobby into adulthood will be the five-time All-Star’s greatest NBA challenge yet.