Robinson Cano Blew Millions, A Potential Trip To The Postseason, And A Spot In The Hall Of Fame

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Silly Mariners fans.

You know you’re not allowed to have nice things.

The team is 23-17 and vying for their first taste of the playoffs since 2001.

But now they’ll have to get there without their best player for 80 games, because Robinson Cano has been suspended for testing positive for a banned substance, a masking agent that the league concluded he’d used to mask use of performance-enhancing drugs.

And even if the Mariners successful in breaking the drought, he won’t be able to contribute in the postseason.

That’s not all it cost him. Cano, who’s agreed to the suspension but maintains he was prescribed the diuretic furosemide for an ailment in the Dominican Republic, will lose $11,851,852 in salary.

Oh, and probably a place in Cooperstown.

The 35-year-old already has the second-most home runs among players who spent significant time playing second base, at 305, and should overtake Jeff Kent (377) in the remaining five years of his contract.

He’s also 14th in hits in that group, behind 11 Hall of Famers, and eighth in RBI, behind six HOFers.

He’d also be just the fifth player in the Hall to have won multiple Gold Gloves at second base.

We’ll probably never know if performance-enhancing drugs made Cano a Hall of Fame-caliber player over the course of his career. But it’s safe to say that even five mediocre, PED-less seasons of accruing stats would have gotten him there.

He can pretty much forget that now — if Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGwire can’t break in because of alleged steroid use in a time when such a thing had little to no repercussions, there’s no way Cooperstown’s irrational gatekeepers would welcome a player whose supposed use hurt his team.