The Rockets Are Being Babies About Getting Punished For Storming The Clippers’ Locker Room

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Houston, they have a problem.

Conveniently, Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green, and not James Harden and Chris Paul, were the only Houston Rockets punished for their roles in all four players’ taking a lesser-known pathway below Staples Center to breach the Los Angeles Clippers’ locker room for a confrontation.

According to an NBA news release, Ariza and Green were each suspended two games for engaging “in a hostile, verbal altercation with several Clippers players,” which occurred following a heated 113-102 defeat at the hands of Los Angeles. An NBA official then concluded through interviews that Harden and Paul had been “peacemakers” in the affair.

But the Rockets, who, it should be noted, are led in part by the historically whiny Paul, are apparently ticked that the Clippers didn’t get punished for … um … I dunno, weak backdoor security?

From ESPN’s Tim MacMahon:

The Houston Rockets are shocked and disappointed that Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers avoided any disciplinary action as a result of the events during and after the Clippers’ contentious win Monday night in Los Angeles, team sources told ESPN.


The Rockets are upset that Griffin and Rivers weren’t disciplined for their roles in the events that led to Ariza’s anger escalating to the point that he stormed into the Clippers’ locker room to confront them.

Their two big gripes? One, that Blake Griffin bumped into their head coach.

The humanity.

Two, the Rockets are blasting off about the injured Austin Rivers’ trash talk from the bench, followed by his “calling Ariza out by name” in the hallway.

Trash talk.

In the NBA.

What is this league coming to?