10 Times The Rockets Forgot To Play Defense Against The Warriors In Game 1

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Rockets were built to beat the Warriors in a playoff series.

But they came up short in their first meeting in the Western Conference finals. In part because Houston treated the game like a preseason matchup on defense, wandering aimlessly, contemplating which nostril to pick as the best players in the world loaded up for wide-open looks.

Here’s a taste of their biggest defensive blunders.

1. That time four defenders watched Draymond Green amble coast-to-coast.

2. That time Chris Paul left Klay freakin’ Thompson alone in the corner and tried to do Clint Capela‘s job.

3. That time no one thought it was important to guard Stephen Curry until it was too late.

4. That time Nick Young was 10 feet from the nearest defender.

5. That time Thompson walked through four Houston defenders, who ignored him despite having a man advantage.

6. That (other) time Nick Young was 10 feet from the nearest defender.

7. That time P.J. Tucker and Trevor Ariza couldn’t decide who should guard Kevin Durant, so neither did.

8. That time James Harden didn’t get back on D.

9. That time Paul didn’t get back on D, and the remaining Rockets left Thompson open in a four-on-four situation.

10. That time two guys were on Thompson, then no one was.

What does this embarrassing defensive performance mean for the rest of the series? On one hand, it could be reassuring for Houston fans to know that the game could have gone either way with more focus from the Rockets defense.

On the other, the Rockets have been waiting for this moment all year. If they can’t remember basic crap like “Klay Thompson = good at shooting” for 48 straight minutes, then this series isn’t long for this world.