Rockets Lock Down James Harden Until 2020


(Photo: Getty)

The offensive-minded Houston Rockets are continuing to make a point that defense is a low priority. Sure, they added Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson to “bolster” the defense, but the addition of Mike D’Antoni as head coach killed whatever improvement they were hoping to make this offseason.

And for the next four years, defense will likely remain an issue at the shooting guard position. But the offensive end will continue to thrive.

The Rockets announced on Saturday that James Harden signed a four-year extension worth $118 million, keeping him in the Space City until at least 2020. According to owner Leslie Alexander, he’s going to play “really good defense” from now on.

Well said.

Apparently if you make most of the effort on offense, you can get away with moments like this one.

The loss of Dwight Howard could also be a huge blow on the defensive end, but perhaps the team will make up for it with better chemistry.

Houston certainly has the talent to make the playoffs, but in the Western Conference, it will likely take an offseason splash to bring them to the next level. But they are in position to make a big move next year (possibly Russell Westbrook).