Rodney Hood Says He Didn’t Refuse To Play, He Just Refused To Play

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Those questioning Rodney Hood’s competitiveness should take note of his comments from Thursday.

Not long after Tristan Thompson blamed his infidelity on peer pressure, Hood made sure to outdo his Cavaliers teammate in the impossibly dumb excuses department.

Someone get this man a dictionary

The midseason trade acquisition drew scorn when it was reported that he’d refused to take the floor in garbage time of the team’s closeout game against the Raptors, upsetting some of the team’s veterans.

But according to Hood, he didn’t refuse to play, he just told the coaches to play someone else because he didn’t want to play.

Which, I’m fairly certain, is what refusing to play is.

“So you did not refuse to go in?” a reporter asked.

Hood replied: “Nah, I told them … they called my name, they did call my name, but I was like ‘just let Jose (Calderon play),’ he was warm and ready to play, so I said ‘just let him.’  I should have took it more serious, went in there, got some reps up.”

For a guy trying to convince potential free-agent destinations that he can put forth the effort required to play winning basketball, Hood sure didn’t put a lot of effort into his excuse for bailing on his team.