Russell Westbrook And Nick Collison Absolutely Nail Their Halloween Costumes

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Russell Westbrook flashed his supreme Halloween costume game once again.

And it could very possibly be yet more subtle trash talk to former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant.

On Saturday, Westbrook unveiled this picture-perfect White Men Can’t Jump tandem costume featuring him as the Sidney Deane to teammate Nick Collison’s Buddy Hoyle.

They even got their wives in on it.

Perhaps because there’s not much else to do in Oklahoma City, or because dressing up is Russ’ favorite thing, the Thunder always go all out with their costumes come October.

Here’s Russ as Pornstache from Orange Is the New Black in 2014.


Piper – G. Mendez – Taystee @erinevans1 @russwest44 @ninamari3_ #orangeisthenewblack #therealmendez

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And here’s Nick Collison and Steven Adams as Egon from Ghostbusters and Tom Hanks’ characters from Cast Away.


Egon. Chuck. Wilson

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A year later, Westbrook dressed up as Adams, who went as the Joker.

In 2016, Westbrook dressed up as Joe Dirt, and Collison as Narcos-inspired Pablo Escobar.


Yo Brandy where you at?? #joedirt

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Happy early Halloween #narcos #plataoplomo

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How does this have anything to do with Kevin Durant?

Back when the NBA announced that captains would choose teams in the next All-Star Game, Bleacher Report dropped this hilarious video—with Westbrook’s face over Deane’s and Durant’s over the perceived “chump” Hoyle’s—that now has over a million views on Instagram alone.


If LeBron and Russ were captains at the All-Star Game 😂

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Would it be extremely petty for Westbrook to go to such lengths to take a shot at Durant? Absolutely.

But considering the actions of both players since their split, I wouldn’t put it past him.