Russell Westbrook Throws Unbelievable Long-Distance Pass Between Opponent’s Legs

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

We've seen basketball players dribble, pass, and even crawl between the legs of opponents.

But we've never before seen anyone thread a pass between a defender's legs from quite the distance Russell Westbrook did on Thursday night in his Oklahoma City Thunder's matchup with the Toronto Raptors.

After intercepting a pass from Raptors point guard Cory Joseph late in the first half, Westbrook picked up steam to lead a fast break. Before reaching halfcourt, he fired this long-distance dime between Joseph's legs and on the money to Victor Oladipo, who finished the play off with a finger roll.

Yes, that went between Joseph's legs.


"Honestly, I didn't know if he was passing to me or Taj (Gibson)," Oladipo said after the Thunder's 123-102 victory. "I was running faster than Taj, so I just assumed it was for me. I honestly just looked down, I saw him throw it, I didn't see how he threw it, I looked down and the ball was just in my hands and I just laid it up, so it was kind of crazy."

Westbrook finished with 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 16 assists for his 34th triple-double of the year, bringing him seven away from Oscar Robertson's all-time mark for a season.


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