Russell Wilson Leads Seahawks To Epic Late Comeback Over Texans

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

It looked like a pair of big, late plays would doom Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in their Week 8 matchup with the Houston Texans.

The first was a 72-yard touchdown from Deshaun Watson to DeAndre Hopkins.

The second was a Wilson interception with under three minutes left.

No matter.

The Seahawks QB got the ball back down by four with 99 seconds remaining on the clock. 

Seventy-eight seconds later, his team was protecting a lead, thanks to this epic drive capped by a Jimmy Graham touchdown catch.

File this one away for nine weeks from now, when we’re looking back on the most exciting games of the year—this one has got to be the front-runner at the moment.

Wilson and Watson combined for 854 passing yards, eight touchdowns, and 99 rushing yards.

Oh yeah, 41-38 Seahawks victory also included a referee’s getting leveled by Texans receiver Bruce Ellington.