Big Dumb Idiot Ryan Lochte Is Even Dumber Than We Thought

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

A year after finishing a 10-month suspension for being a national embarrassment, swimmer Ryan Lochte dove headlong back into headline-grabbing stupidity.

The six-time Olympic gold medalist will serve a 14-month suspension, retroactive to May, from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for a prohibited intravenous infusion.

But getting caught doping isn’t the embarrassing part; it’s how that happened.

Come on, dude

The guy who didn’t know how security cameras work volunteered the evidence by posting a picture of his doing the deed to Instagram.

Under USADA, athletes are prohibited from taking IV injections of more than 100 milliliters in a 12-hour span.

“On May 24, Lochte posted an image on social media depicting himself receiving an intravenous infusion,” USADA said in a statement.

“A subsequent investigation by USADA, with which Lochte fully co-operated, revealed that Lochte received an intravenous infusion of permitted substances at an infusion clinic in a volume greater than 100ml in a 12-hour period without a therapeutic use exemption.”

Lochte won’t be able to compete until July 2019, which is probably when he’ll finish reading this statement.