San Diego, Los Angeles Moving Companies Team Up to Refuse to Help the Chargers Move

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Mover is one of the more popular jobs for fringe NFL players.

There's usually no long-term commitment involved, and their impressive proportions make them uniquely qualified to lug heaps of crap back and forth for a day.

I mention this because the Los Angeles Chargers might have to turn to their practice squad if they want to move out of San Diego, as local moving businesses are refusing to help the owner, Dean Spanos, who ripped their hearts out a week ago.

“It just hit like a ton of bricks,” said Ryan Charles, a lifelong San Diego Chargers fan and the head of sales and marketing for “But since we’re a moving services company, we started thinking about the actual physical move. We kind of just said to ourselves that we wouldn’t want to be a part of that.”

So Charles began calling his fellow local movers, and was born.

As of Tuesday, 24 San Diego moving companies have refused to help the Chargers move to Los Angeles.

“The feedback was immediately positive,” Charles said. “I got chuckles, people were laughing, there were guys saying ‘I wouldn’t move them for X amount of dollars.’”

Even movers in Los Angeles signed on in solidarity—the website lists 12 so far.

“Once we started hearing the sentiment from L.A., you know, the ‘We don’t want you,’ we thought maybe there are Los Angeles companies who wouldn’t want to move them in to their city," Charles said. "We reached out to them and we have five L.A. moving companies on board that have agreed [to not move the Chargers to Los Angeles].”

The companies are doing so against their economic interests.

“If you’re just talking strictly about their offices and their practice facility, that alone would be well over six figures—$100,000 or $150,000,” Charles said. “Then once you add on the individual moves of the staff, team officials and players—let’s say you moved all of them—it could be $5,000 a person. Not one company is going to get all of those moves, but that kind of gives you the idea of how big of a move this could be.”

Charles considers this banding together as a last-ditch effort to keeper the Chargers in town.

“This campaign has sort of kept my hopes afloat,” he said. “I’m so caught up in this right now and trying to do this for San Diegans and Chargers fans as sort of one last stand … I feel like I’ll only know when I see them take the field as the Los Angeles Chargers.”

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