Savage Fan Hits Dell Curry With the Cold-Blooded Dab After Game 7

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: OBSEV / Getty)

Stephen Curry wasn't the only member of the Curry clan to take an L on Sunday.

After his Golden State Warriors became the first team to blow a 3-1 NBA Finals lead in their Game 7 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and after Steph's wife Ayesha Curry reacted poorly to the Dubs' struggles, Curry's dad Dell Curry had yet another crushing blow thrown his way—and on Father's Day, no less.

With the elder Curry standing surrounded by fellow dumbstruck Warriors supporters, one (most likely not a Warriors) fan approached the former NBA player and appeared ready to give him a handshake. That's when things turned savage.

The fan dipped low, causing Dell to miss his hand completely, then hit him with a cold-blooded dab.

Damn. First he watched his son go freezing cold with a historic season on the line—Steph Curry scored just three points in the deciding fourth quarter—and get locked up by Kevin Love of all people. Then this happens.

Thankfully Steph has just the shoes to cheer a sullen dad like Dell up on Father's Day.


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