OK, This Is The Most Embarrassing Play Of The MLB Season So Far

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Let’s review the MLB season in embarrassment.

There’s the time Evan Gattis meandered his way into a triple play. Justin Upton’s giving precisely zero f—s. The Dodger Stadium grass becoming a literal puddle of s—. The Mets’ being the Mets. And this individual’s existence.

But no actual play can match this masterpiece from Wednesday night, when the Rockies and Reds took each other’s hand for a ballet of ineptitude.

Three players managed to embarrass themselves a total of four times.

That’s, in screwup order, the Reds’ Billy Hamilton, the Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez, the Reds’ Scooter Gennett, and Gennett once more, providing two of the mishaps by dropping the ball with a chance to nail the fallen Gonzalez at second before inexplicably but harmlessly tossing the ball behind his back into nowhere. And that’s with our (pretty generously) giving Reds right fielder Scott Schebler a pass for being beaten to the ball by the weak-armed Hamilton. Because the one thing Hamilton can do on a baseball field is run really, really fast.

Adding to Hamilton’s shame: Earlier in the game, a Reds fan with a baby attached to his stomach made a catch without the benefit of a glove.

The Rockies beat the Reds 6-3, and those of us who enjoy watching millionaire athletes look like we might on the diamond won.