Seahawks Appear To Cheat NFL Concussion Protocol To Keep Russell Wilson On The Field

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks played an offensive snap without star quarterback Russell Wilson on Thursday night. If they hadn’t been seemingly laughing in the face of the league’s concussion protocol, it would have been more than one play.

Here’s the hit from the Arizona Cardinals‘ Karlos Dansby that had official Walt Anderson send Wilson to the sideline to be checked for a concussion.

And here’s Wilson “going into” the medical tent to be checked for a concussion—he was in there for, I don’t know, one second? And he didn’t let medical staff inspect him.

The quarterback missed one play of his team’s 22-16 win before returning to the field. Only after his team lost possession did he return to get checked out by a team physician and an independent neurological consultant, as the NFL’s concussion protocol requires.

Wilson said he was evaluated after his second trip to the tent.

“I think Walt did a great job first of all. He made the smartest decision,” the quarterback said. “I was fine, though, 100 percent fine. And then they finally went over through the whole concussion stuff and all that. We went through every question you could imagine, and I answered even some more for them just so they knew I was good, and then went back in there.”

The league could fine the Seahawks for ignoring rules in place to protect players. But they probably won’t.