Seahawks’ Earl Thomas Tackled Devonta Freeman by Punching Him in the Face

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Earl Thomas made arguably the most important play of his team's Week 6 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

With Atlanta up by one and driving with under four minutes remaining, Falcons wideout Julio Jones tipped a pass from Matt Ryan. After a ricochet off Richard Sherman, Thomas was able to secure an interception and take the ball to midfield.

Seven plays later, Seahawks kicker Steve "don't call me 'Stephen' or 'Steven'" Hauschka nailed a 44-yard field goal to put Seattle up 26-24, a lead that would stand for good.

But in addition to the most important play of the game, Thomas made the most "holy sh*t did you just see that?" play of the contest, and maybe the week, on the down immediately preceding his interception.

He brought Falcons running back Devonta Freeman down not with a tackle, but with a punch to the face.

Here it is again, in slow motion.

Sure, there's an almost zero percent chance Thomas was actually trying to tackle Freeman with a suckerpunch—he was almost definitely trying to force a fumble by punching the ball (which is actually illegal)—but until we hear to the contrary, we're going to live in a fantasy in which he did this on purpose, okay?


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