This Stat Shows Just How Embarrassing The Seahawks’ Running Game Was In 2017

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

We may have finally done it. We may have finally figured out why the hell Pete Carroll didn’t dial up a running play on second down at the goal line in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XLIX: He thought he was in 2017.

It’s the soundest explanation, as in 2017, the Seattle Seahawks somehow amassed a total of zero rushing yards within the 10-yard line during regular season.


Their most impressive cog in the Seahawks’ running game from 10 yards out and in? The quarterback, Russell Wilson, who averaged a gargantuan one yard per carry in such situations.

Everyone else was somehow terribly worse.

Dear lord, Thomas Rawls.

Between the 10s, the Seahawks were much better, but not great, averaging a competent four yards per carry overall on the season, good for 21st in the league, and totaling 1,629 yards on the ground, 23rd.

“That’s terrible, yeah,” Carroll told reporters of the Seahawks’ running game and its struggles on Tuesday, the team’s clean-out day. “It just shows you if you can’t run it with authority it’s just going to show up down there and that was really indicative unfortunately. And you know I won’t tell you that we really made a concentrated effort to go back and recapture that this year and we were on it and ready to go and it just didn’t come together for us for all of the reasons.”

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