Serena Williams Got Her Ass Kicked, But She Took It In Stride

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Serena Williams and losing don’t often mix.

When you’re arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, you expect to win.

But she was gracious as ever in a lopsided defeat at the hands of Angelique Kerber in Saturday’s Wimbledon final.

Williams has a history of leaving grand slams in a manner that might earn a male the label of a colorful competitor, but that unfortunately, due to ugly societal double standards, all too often draws a harsher descriptor for female players.

In 2007, Williams insisted that Justine Henin had advanced past her in the U.S. Open because Henin had “made a lot of lucky shots.”

Two years later, Williams berated a line judge for much of a U.S. Open semifinal loss to Kim Clijsters.

In the final of the same event two years after that, Williams blew up on a chair umpire. After losing to Sam Stosur, Williams refused to shake the umpire’s hand.

But the hot-headed Williams was nowhere to be found on Saturday.

Following Kerber’s dominant 6-3, 6-3 win, Williams was visibly enthusiastic for her opponent.

That Williams even reached the final is a remarkable feat; less than 10 months ago, she and husband Alexis Ohanian gave birth to their first child.

The birth threatened Williams’ life, requiring multiple surgeries.

Don’t let Williams’ grace in defeat fool you, though. Ever the competitor, she’s probably already focusing her displeasure toward vanquishing whoever comes between her and a seventh U.S. Open title.