Shark Attacks Hall of Famer Warren Sapp During Lobstering Trip


(Photo: Getty)

An enormous, hungry, pain-delivering beast stalked the seas around the Florida Keys on Wednesday in search of a considerable meal.

Not, not a shark. Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp.

Though the Super Bowl champion did run into some unexpected competition at sea.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive linemen was out on a lobstering expedition when he reached from his boat into the water for one of the crustaceans. 

"He was lobstering with me and a shark bit Sapp while he was grabbing the lobster," Jack Carlson, the captain of the charter, told the Tampa Bay Times. "He's OK."

The charter company posted an image of Sapp's wound to Instagram.

One witness identified the offending fish as a small nurse shark, about four feet long.

But it would take more than a shark attack to keep Sapp, a frequent fisherman since his retirement from the NFL following the 2007 season, from completing his trip.

"We bandaged it up, put some gauze on there, some black electrical tape and hit a couple more spots, then headed in," Carlson said.

Sapp isn't above saying he lost to a fish, though.

At least he'll be eating well while he recovers.