Skip Bayless’ Latest Take On LeBron Is Incredibly Dumb, Even For Skip Bayless

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

LeBron James took a break from his biggest of the game of the year to pull the wool over his fans’ eyes.

At least, according to Skip Bayless.

The bad guy from “The Mask” after he dons the mask unfurled a tweet on Wednesday night that was mind-numbingly dumb and inflammatory.

Even for someone who is dumb and inflammatory for a living.

After seeing this on his TV screen during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals

… the “Undisputed” bullshit artist posted this.

He’s drinking water. Forty-five minutes into a 48-minute playoff basketball game. 


While playing basketball.


I … I just can’t right now with this dumbass, so I’m just gonna express myself through others’ responses to Bayless’ tweet.

Me too, LeBron.


Might be onto something.


Phew, someone needed to say it.