Snoop Dogg Nearly Drills Cameraman While Throwing Out the First Pitch


(Photo: Getty)

It’s easy to mock people that screw up the first pitch before a baseball game. But in reality, throwing a ball accurately from 60 feet is very difficult for the average person, especially without the benefit of warming up.

That being said, it’s completely fair to mock Snoop Dogg after his atrocious throw at the San Diego Padres game on Wednesday.

Apparently Snoop thought he was supposed to throw the ball directly at the cameraman.

That California weed is no joke.

That’s the worst first pitch since 50 Cent nearly killed a cameraman at a New York Mets game two years ago.

“I went 50 Cent today,” Snoop said, via FOX Sports San Diego. “I wanted to give a tribute to my friend 50 Cent throwing wide left. I wanted to go wide right. So, hip-hop is here.”

I don’t know exactly what that means, but point made.

Despite his throwing an awful first pitch, the Atlanta Braves offered Snoop a spot in the starting rotation.