Soccer Fans Throw Dead Rats at Opposing Team

Joe Welkie
(Photo: YouTube / HYPE VIDEOS)

Living in America, I'm not privy to the rabid fandom surrounding soccer. I know it's the world's most popular sport, I understand that, but I just don't realize exactly how ravenous the fans for the sport are. I can get excited about football games, basketball games, hell, even baseball games, but soccer is a sport that has escaped me.

But then I see footage like this that makes me happy I'm not big into soccer, because if this is what it takes to be a fan, I don't want anything to do with it.

During a match between Brøndby and Copenhagen, a few of the Brøndby fans began throwing dead rats at the Copenhagen players. What the actual f**k?

Yeah, I think I'm going to stick to football and baseball. I've never seen anyone throw dead rats at any sporting events. And if people started, I'd probably never go to a game again. So gross.

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