Solomon Hill Jumps Right Over Marcus Smart, Who Erases Dunk With Embarrassing Flop


(Photo: Getty Images)

Aside from some insane Anthony Davis stat lines, just about nothing has gone right for the New Orleans Pelicans this season.

So it would make sense that one of the most ludicrously amazing plays of their season would be wiped out about by an acting job from one of the league's most notoriously shameless floppers: Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart.

Following a massive Davis block on Amir Johnson, Pelicans wing Solomon Hill found himself with a clear lane and nothing but the 6'4" Smart between him and the rim.

Hill jumped over Smart, without making contact, for a dunk of epic proportions. Just don't tell that to the ref who bought Smart's snapping his head back like he got taken out by Barry Pepper in Saving Private Ryan and falling in the wrong direction.

Here's the Razzie-worthy performance from another angle.

Yet more insulting to the Pelicans: It wasn't even close to Smart's best work, as evidenced by his face after getting the call.

But, flying in the face of their season-long ineptitude, the Pelicans wiped the grin off Smart with a win in crunch time. After stealing an inound pass and hitting a free throw to go up two, Tim Frazier countered a game-tying Isaiah Thomas layup by drawing a foul on Kelly Olynyk with 2.5 seconds remaining to give his team their third win of the season, 106-105.