Someone Directly Asked Ayesha Curry to Sign Her Cookbook as ‘Mrs. Irving’


(Photo: Getty)

Like many of the recipes in her cookbook, Ayesha Curry just got roasted.

The wife of NBA MVP Stephen Curry recently fell for a prank that was genius, at least by Twitter standards.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Ayesha, who suddenly became the No. 1 spokesperson against vile memes and tweets, conveniently when the Warriors stopped winning (similar to when she claimed the NBA was rigged after Golden State lost Game 6 of the NBA Finals).

You can’t blame anyone for feeling upset after looking through Twitter comments. But I think it’s general knowledge at this point you shouldn’t look through comments anywhere on social media, whether or not you’re a celebrity.

That’s exactly how Ayesha fell for this guy’s hilarious prank:

All Kyrie Irving can do is laugh.

Ayesha is denying she messaged the fella directly, but that screenshot seems pretty legit.

The lesson to be learned: It’s important to be humbled every once in a while. And clearly LeBron James, Kyrie and the Cavs humbled the Currys, but they still don’t know how to handle it. Not everyone can be on top forever, but second place isn’t that bad.