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The 20 Greatest Sets Of Sports Siblings Of All Time

The 20 Greatest Sets Of Sports Siblings Of All Time April 6, 2018

    Ever get so frustrated with a sibling that you want to launch your shoulder at his or her chest with full force? Well for some of these famous sports siblings, that’d not only be acceptable, it’d be encouraged, depending on the sport at least. And frustratingly, the two brothers on this list that everyone wanted to see beat the crap out of each other, sliding in at No. 8, instead spent their careers refusing to fight. Here’s our ranking of the 20 greatest sets of sports siblings ever.

    20. Yadier, Jose, And Bengie Molina

    IMAGE BY: Getty Images

    While Yadier Molina is easily the biggest star — with six Gold Gloves, eight All-Star nods, and two World Series rings — all three major league catchers have found success at the sport’s highest level: Bengie collected two Gold Gloves and won a World Series in 2002 as a member of the Angels with Jose serving as his backup, and Jose got a second ring with the Yankees in 2009.