Stephen Curry and Patrick Beverley Get Into Shoving Match in Heated Game 1

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

The Golden State Warriors easily defeated the Houston Rockets 104-78 to take Game 1 on Saturday. But the win didn’t come without physicality. And now the defending champs have some concerns about Stephen Curry’s health.

Curry did what Curry does best, dropping 24 points on 5-of-7 shooting from beyond the arc, most of which came in the first quarter when he singlehandedly outscored the Rockets. But that early fire was lit thanks to the physical play of Patrick Beverley.

Both Beverley and Curry received technical fouls in the first minutes of the game after the Houston guard got a bit too physical on defense. The two became tangled up and a brief shoving match occurred.

Draymond Green totally would be the one to break up the fight. His calming presence is enough to convince a serial killer not to commit murder.

Then the Curry fireworks began:

But Warriors fans survived a real scare after their point guard ran back to the locker room in the second and third quarters after twisting his right ankle—the same one he once had surgery on).

Steph went to the bench just before halftime and only played three minutes in the third quarter before going back to the locker room after just 20 minutes of play total.

Curry would rejoin the team, but wouldn’t make a return despite being available. Head coach Steve Kerr didn’t want to take any risks while his team was still rolling.

Golden State fans shouldn’t be too concerned, but if there’s anything that can stop this team, it’s injuries. Curry’s had ankle problems before and it could slow down their consistent attack if there’s any more issues this postseason—and open the door for LeBron James.

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