Stephen Curry Drives Kid To Tears When He Ignores Desperate Autograph Request

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors may have won their contest with the Brooklyn Nets last week, but the two-time MVP may have lost something in the process: a fan.

A boy at Barclays Center to celebrate his birthday managed to snag autographs from the likes of Klay Thompson and Shaun Livingston, but when he saw Curry come through the tunnel in street clothes after the 118-111 victory, the kid pleaded for a signature on a Curry jersey.

“Curry, can I get an autograph?” the kid begged. “Curry, I love you!”

Instead of writing his name on the kid’s jersey, Curry stood right in front of him and stared past him.

According to Monique Jenkins, who said on Facebook that she’s the child’s mom, he was heartbroken following the incident.

She wrote on Facebook:

What we thought would be the best birthday present ever for our soon to be 10 year old (considering he didn’t want a party like most kids his age) and instead insisted that he gets the chance to see and meet Stephen Curry who he adores so much. 

It was Sunday night at the Barclays he got the chance to see his favorite team and also meet some of the players however his happiness turnt to disappointment after a great game when waiting to see Curry after the game for a simple picture and autograph with his idol, his absolute favorite, didn’t go as planned. I’m definitely not trying to throw shade on Curry as an adult I get it but to a child 5-10 secs of his time would’ve made my son’s experience super special but instead he’s been depressed & in tears since. He even came home wanting to take down the poster he has of Curry on his room wall.

Let’s see if this obvious attempt to shame Curry into an autograph or a meeting works out.