Actually, Stephen Curry Only Blew Past LeBron James for His Iconic Layup Because of a Double-Dribble

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Not that it would have affected the outcome of the 132-113 blowout in Game 2 of the NBA Finals or anything, but the highlight of the contest was actually made possible by an infraction on Stephen Curry and a crew of NBA refs who missed it.

You’ve probably seen it by now—the reigning two-time MVP sizing up LeBron James on the wing, getting the Cleveland Cavaliers star to bite on a pump fake before gallivanting his way to the rim.

But wait just a moment.

Thanks to an alternate angle, we know that not only should Curry have been whistled for yet another turnover on the play (he finished the night with eight), but the entire reason he got LeBron to bite on the shot fake is because Curry actually picked up his dribble, putting both hands on the ball.

Here’s how little the NBA cares about poor officiating—they gleefully shared the alternate-angle clip that shows the obvious double-dribble without even acknowledging the mistake.

Here it is again, the a freeze frame of the moment the Golden State Warriors star should have coughed the ball up.


Turns out #Curry 1-on-1 with #LeBron involved a double-dribble. #BALLGOD

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Official Scott Foster, who last year was voted the worst NBA ref by players, had his view blocked by Curry’s back and could not see the double-dribble. James Capers had a better angle, but at 30 feet away did not make the call.

The Cavs already appear to have zero chance in this series. But if the Warriors keep catching breaks like this, the teams might as well not suit up for Games 3 and 4.

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