Stephen Curry: James Harden Deserves MVP Over Russell Westbrook, LeBron James

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Back in 2015, Stephen Curry beat out James Harden for the NBA's MVP award, earning 100 first place votes and 1,198 voting points to the Houston Rockets guard's 25 and 936.

Now, two years later, the Golden State Warriors superstar and reigning two-time MVP believes Harden is the most deserving of the award at this point in the season—himself and all other Warriors excluded

"I'd probably say James [Harden]," Curry told Dan Patrick, who then pushed the Splash Brother to indicate why he'd take the Beard over Russell Westbrook, whose triple-double onslaught has carried the Oklahoma City Thunder to the sixth seed in the Western Conference.

"You kind of have to reward the better team, I would think, record-wise," Curry responded. "That’s just kind of going in the history of the MVP award. So, I think James will probably edge him out just off of that.

Curry also doesn't totally buy the idea that voters actively avoid rewarding LeBron James because his greatness is so consistent, it gets boring.

"I don't know, I can't speak for voters. That's not my voice. I think there's guys around the league, LeBron, Russ, James, myself, [Kevin Durant], whoever you throw in there, [Chris Paul]—you know what they're capable of and the numbers they're putting up and how consistent they do it. You have the utmost respect for that and what they've accomplished in their careers. You don't have to explain to any player in the league what LeBron or those guys have been able to accomplish. Whether that results in him getting votes or not, I don't know, but we respect what he does on the floor every night."

The biggest strike against Westbrook: An NBA player hasn't won the MVP without being a top-three seed in their conference since Moses Malone did so for the 46-36 Rockets, a sixth seed, in 1982. 

At 46-21, the Rockets are No. 3 in the West.


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