Stephen Curry Outduels Kyrie Irving With 49 Points In Ridiculous Point Guard Matchup


(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving combined for 86 points in the Golden State Warriors‘ 109-105 victory over the Boston Celtics, and left their teammates and coaches marveling.

From Celtics coach Brad Stevens, according to ESPN: “Two studs. It’ll be fun to watch the All-Star game when they go against each other again.”

Boston big man Al Horford: “They both shot the ball incredible tonight. Kyrie, from the beginning of the game, you knew he was in another zone and Steph, obviously, was the same way. A great battle.”

Dubs forward Kevin Durant: “You just got to sit back and enjoy the show. You know what I’m saying? Once they got it going, you got to get out of the way. You can tell both teams kind of felt that midway through the first. Kyrie got it going, got it cooking early, and then Steph, you could just tell was kind of back and forth.

“We were trying to look for Steph, they were looking for Kyrie, and they came to play. That’s what high-level basketball players do. You see a matchup that will bring the best out of you. You come out here with your best and those two guys showed a lot tonight.”

In the end, Curry won out, outscoring Boston by himself over the final four minutes to finish with a crazy 49 points on 16-of-24 shooting.

Irving had 37 of his own, connecting on 13 of his 18 points.

“[Irving is] an amazing player,” Curry said of his counterpart. “The way he saw the game tonight was pretty crazy. I feel like we were defending pretty well, he just made some tough shots, a lot of tough shots and gave his team a lot of momentum. But we try to bring the best out of each other and tonight, was kind of one of those nights. Just a fun way to play.”

Irving also offered praise of Curry, though maybe he just felt bad for leaving Steph hanging.

“I felt like we did a great job sticking to our game plan, but he’s unbelievable,” the Celtics point guard said. “You gotta give credit when credit is due. When he’s making shots like that, it makes it easier for their team to create separation.”

Considering the recent demise of Irving’s old team, we might be treated to this dream point guard matchup not just in the All-Star Game, but in the NBA Finals.