Stephen Curry Shows Up To Oracle Arena In All-Out “Saw” Halloween Costume

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen Curry arrived at Oracle Arena ready to play a game, though he probably should have been more focused on the one his Golden State Warriors would play against the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night.

Two days before Halloween, the two-time MVP showed up to the stadium in full Saw regalia, dressed as the evil mastermind Jigsaw from the horror film series that’s defiantly produced a staggering eight movies, dramatically decreasing quality be damned.

If he was trying to scare his teammates, it didn’t work—upon seeing Curry, Draymond Green started cracking up. Probably because Steph’s “red” tricycle was a blue one covered with red tape, or because the point guard was carrying his own speaker playing the Saw theme song.

“You’ve got too much time on your hands,” Green told his teammate.

Instead, the Warriors should have been fearing the Pistons, who hacked Golden State up for a 115-107 win thanks in part to this huge shot from Tobias Harris.

Curry shot well, 11-of-17 from the field for 27 points, but turned the ball over five times. Green coughed the ball up six times.

The Dubs turned the ball over almost twice as much as Detroit, 25 to 13.

“This has nothing to do with being unselfish,” head coach Steve Kerr said of his team’s surprisingly slow 4-3 start. “This has to do with a complete lack of focus and fundamentals. We are throwing the ball all over the place. … At some point, the ball just has to matter. We are getting everybody’s best shot. If you don’t match that type of energy and play with some intelligence and some discipline, you are not going to win.”

Curry added: “We’re really close to being ourselves. For the most part, little things are keeping us from really opening up the gates.”