Stephen Curry On Sports Illustrated Cover: “That Was Terrible”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had the same reaction to the latest cover of Sports Illustrated.

“I looked it and went, ‘Where the hell is Kap?'” Kerr told the Athletic of the SI cover, which features a photoshopped Curry locking arms with LeBron James and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The cover, a reaction to a protest-filled weekend in sports, is emblazoned with the words “A nation divided / Sports united.”

Here’s Curry’s initial reaction, via an Instagram comment:

He was then asked about it the following day at Warriors practice.

“That was terrible. Just kind of capitalizing on the hoopla and the media and all that nonsense,” Curry said. “The real people that understand exactly what’s been going on and who’s really been active and vocal and truly making a difference, if you don’t have Kaepernick front and center on that, something’s wrong. It’s kind of hard to see how certain narratives take place, being prisoners of the moment. I was kind of joking around yesterday when I saw that on a certain Instagram handle, but at the end of the day, that stuff really doesn’t matter. It’s about the true message and really highlight the people that are doing the right things.”

Sports Illustrated executive director Stephen Cannella tried to rationalize Kaepernick’s exclusion on Tuesday.

“Well, in some ways, even though his picture’s not there, Colin Kaepernick is there,” Cannella said in a video released by SI. “Colin Kaepernick was—for lack of a better word—was looming over everything that happened this past weekend.

“What we were trying to capture with this cover was the way new voices emerged this weekend, and the way this debate, this issue, this protest movement has sort of evolved beyond Colin Kaepernick. … Colin Kaepernick is on that cover even if his face isn’t.”

Silly us. Shoulda known the ghost of Kaepernick’s blackballed career is everywhere.

About as insulting as the exclusion of the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is the inclusion of Goodell, because one would be hard-pressed to find a situation in which Goodell had NFL players’ best interests at heart.

Thankfully, this guy corrected the embarrassing error.