Stephen Jackson Has Some Hilarious Stories About Smoking Weed Before NBA Games

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Stephen Jackson is rarely shy.

The former NBA veteran of 14 seasons and 2003 champion with the San Antonio Spurs has accused former teammate Tony Parker of being a “double agent” and still maintains that his 2006-07 Golden State Warriors would have beaten the 73-win Dubs of 2015-16.

So long as he wasn’t too stoned to keep from shooting the ball over the backboard three times, if his recent appearance on the I Am Rapaport podcast with Michael Rapaport is to be believed.

Jackson imparted a story in which he, teammate Baron Davis, and head coach Don Nelson rejoiced after the final drug test of a season, all because it meant they could smoke weed again:

Nobody knows this story, so this is the first time somebody is hearing this. We’re in Utah and the drug test people are around, you know, to get our last drug test so we can smoke, right? Don Nelson, we talked about weed all the time, he was cool with talking about weed. We got our last test in Utah, right? So me and Baron are coming out the locker room just screaming, excited with our last pink slip saying we could smoke for the rest of the season and Don Nelson hauls ass down there giving us high fives like, “yeah, we can smoke now!” It was cool, the fact that he knows what’s going on off the court with his players, which was great man. We enjoyed it. That’s why we were a great team.

This prompted Rapaport to ask how an NBA player might fare playing stoned.

Hit or miss, according to Jackson:

I can’t speak for nobody else. Me personally, I’ve done a lot of shit before games sometimes and still was able to go out there and be productive. I just gotta be real, you know, it’s been a couple games where I smoked before games and had great games. It’s been some games where I smoked before the game and was on the bench after three minutes sitting on the sideline, “please calm down, this high has to calm down,” I done shot three shots that went over the backboard, like, I’m going to be honest, like “ahh, I gotta calm down.”

Nelson isn’t the first Warriors coach to be cool with pot. Current head coach Steve Kerr tried it to treat chronic back pain, but didn’t take to it with the vigor of, say, Jackson or Bill Walton.

“It doesn’t agree with me,” Kerr said. “I tried it a few times, and it did not agree with me at all. So I’m not the expert on this stuff.”

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