Stephen Jackson Takes A Big, Metaphorical Dump On Kevin Durant


(Photo: Getty Images)

Much of what comes out of the mouth of Stephen Jackson deserves to be disputed. But it’s hard to disagree with the reasons he’s given for losing all respect for Kevin Durant.

During ESPN’s The Jump on Wednesday, Jackson said he’s on board with KD and other NBA players firing back at fans on Twitter.

“We all want to clap back at fans,” Jackson said. “I love it. I love the fact that he clapped back. Some people need to be clapped back at.”

But because KD appears to have tried to clap back at fans through a burner Twitter account, Jackson no longer respects the 2017 NBA Finals MVP.

“Ah, Kevin Durant. I look at you now as I look at everyone else on Twitter and Instagram that has a little egg avatar,” Jackson said. “You are that person now. You cannot be excluded from that. Who creates a fake page? I’m the person, if I want to respond to somebody on social media, it has to come from my page with a verified check on it. He’s an egg avatar now, I have no respect for him.”

On Tuesday, Durant issued an apology for his ripping former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates and coach Billy Donovan. But he denied using a burner Twitter account, even though the mishap led to the discovery of a secret Instagram account from which he cursed out fans, and even though the now infamous tweets sent from his official account consisted of defenses of him in the third person, a pattern no one can recall his using.

It’s not like this Twitter fiasco has illuminated Durant’s corniness—we always knew he was corny.

But it would appear he had little idea how his move to the Golden State Warriors would be perceived by NBA fans, and you get the feeling he thought a championship would wipe away those feelings.

It didn’t, and his growing frustrations with others’ distaste for him is only plummeting NBA fans’ opinions of him further.