Of Course Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Know How To Pronounce “Memes”

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

When he’s not threatening NBA superstars or being wrong about just about everything, one thing Stephen A. Smith definitely isn’t doing is having conversations about memes.

At least not in person.

Then he’d know the word “memes” is not pronounced like he’d just seen Mrs. Kensington of “Austin Powers” fame get cloned.

Is it 2009?

The pronunciation deterioration shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Not only does Stephen A. rarely know what he’s screaming about, but the internet perplexes him.

Who could forget the IMG_4346.jpeg fail of 2015?

Which he apparently still didn’t grasp 15 months later.

Sure, the man’s 50 and doesn’t exactly live on the internet.

But he works in sports, a territory in which huge personalities have already been raked for pronouncing the word as a lonely serial killer might.

Like Bryce Harper, back in 2015.

And more recently, Jim Nantz during March Madness.

Get it together, guys.