Stephen A. Smith Says Kyrie Irving Wants Out of Cleveland, Admits He Knows Nothing


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Ah, ESPN's First Take. In which professional sports yellers Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless make things up and don't really mind if they come to be exposed as outright lies so long as the truth comes out more than a week later. It's sort of like a daily scheduled Donald Trump appearance.

The latest example of this pair's mouth garbage comes from Mr. A. Smith himself, who claimed on Monday that he heard months ago that Kyrie Irving no longer wanted to be on the Cleveland Cavaliers, yet, for no real reason, didn't report it until now. Which definitely makes sense?

"You know I bit my tongue about this on several occasions, but it's time that I say something," Smith said. "Skip Bayless, this isn't just for weeks. This is for months … Dating back to last year, I’ve been told that Kyrie Irving ain’t too happy being in Cleveland. The situation is not ideal for him." 

Which of course doesn't mean anything. "Not ideal" could mean a tons of things, such as, he loves the team but would prefer it be in a sunny locale. Or he wishes his best friend could also be on the team. And why does he need to bite his tongue for months? He's not in a soap opera, watching his brother's wife cheat on him. He's supposed to be reporting news. What would have been the repercussions had he released this information when his "multiple sources" delivered this information to him?

Smith would go on to say that he doesn't really know what he's talking about, and that, despite having supposedly heard this rumor for months, he hasn't even attempted to confirm it with Irving himself. You know, what an actual reporter would do.

"I don’t know the particulars, I haven’t spoken to him personally. It’s something that I’ve been hearing for months; that under ideal circumstances he would prefer to be someplace other than Cleveland."

Okay, Stephen.

He's already had Kevin Durant call him a liar. Sounds like Irving won't be far behind.

And maybe Irving really does want out of Cleveland. But if Smith actually knew that, he probably wouldn't have waited until "months" later to deliver the inside scoop.

Smith's ramblings on the matter start at the 6:01 mark in the video below.