Steve Smith Sounds Serious About Wanting To Whoop Michael Irvin’s Ass

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Note to Hall of Fame wide receiver and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin: Steve Smith does not mind fighting.

Not at all.

I share this warning because on Thursday night‘s pregame show, Irvin seemed painfully unaware of how eager his fellow former NFL wide receiver can be to inflict pain.

The Dallas Cowboys legend, a bastion of fashion, clowned Smith over his pants.

Smith’s seemingly dead-serious response: “You know what, Mike? I’mma let you know right now, when I come to LA, I’mma whoop your ass…. I’mma just whoop your ass when I see you, man. I ain’t got no time for this.”

As Smith spoke, Irvin’s laughter got louder and louder, as if waiting for Smith to reveal he was joking.

Smith did no such thing.

Seriously, don’t piss this guy off.

He’s fought with teammates three times that we know about.

In his second season as a pro, all the way back in 2002, he fought rookie wideout Guilian Gary, who’d never find an NFL field. Later that season, Smith broke the nose of Anthony Bright because the practice squad player asked for a play to be shown again in a film session.

Six years later, he was suspended for two games for breaking the nose of Carolina Panthers teammate Ken Lucas in practice.

And that’s just his teammates. Never mind what he does to opponents.

He’s even fought after scoring a touchdown.

Stay safe, Mike.

Nice pants, Steve. I mean it.