Study Declares Bills Fans the Drunkest in the NFL


(Photo: Getty) recently performed a study to determine how much alcohol each NFL fanbase consumes. Although the results aren’t shocking (if you’ve ever witnessed any of these fans in action), the range of alcohol consumption from one team to the next can be quite significant.

Not surprisingly, Buffalo Bills fans came out on top in terms of blood alcohol content (.076 BAC), followed by the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles fans (still not surprising). Cincinnati Bengals fans consumed the least amount of alcohol (.015 BAC), with Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints fans next on the sober list. Perhaps fans are saving Bourbon Street for after the game.

The more successful teams in the NFL at the moment (Patriots, Packers, Panthers, Broncos) all seem to fall in the middle of the drinking range, meaning fans are probably drinking enough to fully enjoy the game, but don’t need to kill the pain like fans watching Matthew Stafford play.

We here at Obsev Sports completely understand why Bills fans are the drunkest, since we’ve written stories about fans hurting themselves time and time again.

That pretty much sums up Bills fans, since according to the study, the average Buffalo fan is nearly legally drunk at football games.

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