Suitcases Fell out of Andy Dalton’s Truck and He Used Twitter to Get Them Back

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

It must be nice to be Andy Dalton.

Sure, no matter how great of a season you’re having, it’s going to end in heartbreak with either an injury or a brutal first-round postseason defeat. But he’s still a terrific quarterback, making millions of dollars and living on the fame of being a city’s franchise player (even if it is Cincinnati).

Earlier this week, Dalton used his fame to recover two suitcases that fell out of his truck while traveling on a Dallas freeway.

It might have seemed like a long shot at the time. It certainly would have been if it were just your average Joe that doesn’t know how to tie things down in the back of his pickup truck. But this is Andy Dalton. He doesn’t need to pay the price when bags fly out of his truck toward other drivers on the highway.

Thankfully Andy got his 72 bottles of Herbal Essences back.

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